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Another First Date (continued)

So after my other first date with this guy, it did fizzle out. He never saw me again. Never bothered and I really liked I'm by this point so I was slightly gutted if I do say so myself. I... Continue Reading →


Another First Date

So, there's this guy (L) that I've been talking to for about 2 years now. We first met in 2014 when I was actually at an awards ceremony with my now ex boyfriend Since me and my ex split up... Continue Reading →

If you don’t go with the majority you’re wrong

Why is it when you read up on politics and news, not from the MSM sources, but independents, people who were there, facts and figures, you are wrong because you can offer a different viewpoint Is it right to try... Continue Reading →

A strange thing happened to me today

I get weird things happening to me all the time, the people in work say my middle name is Coronation street lol, but today was pretty weird I was driving my car and approaching the lights turning red when I see this girl... Continue Reading →

When digital marketing becomes overwhelming

So being on placement year is harder and easier than I expected it to be, I know that doesn't make sense but to other digital marketers it probably will The fact is when your a one person team in a... Continue Reading →

I’ve started exercising

So yesterday me and my friend Buzz went to aerobics. This is actually the first bit of exercise I have done in any length of time So after a cigarette outside we queued up, and started talking about the Great... Continue Reading →

Sorry Brangelina!

Remember in my first post I said Brangelina had their shit together on the first day that I started working... well, proof nobody has their shit together. I'm rooting for you Beckham's, hopefully my blog post The New Girl hasn't cursed you... Continue Reading →

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