Ok so I’ve dated this day as the day I started my new job. I managed to get in running the social media and website at a local motor group where I live. Exciting.

Nobody really prepares you for full time work. When you’re a kid everyone who’s an adult, your mum or your dad or auntie look so accomplished. They know what they’re doing and it’s like they’ve been doing the job their whole life. Then as you get older you start to realise, you’re now that old. Your as old as you thought people who had their shit together were. And in reality nobody has their shit together. Maybe Brangelina or The Beckhams, but nobody FULLY has their shit together. Not even Beyonce *cough cough*
So as the day loomed to my new day I was pretty excited. Everyone seemed nice and cool. But the night before I had tickets to see The Stone Roses..
I took my dad for a birthday/fathers day gift. And of course, we got the train and tram and got absolutely bevvied. I was so drunk. I had work the next day, and I was scavving cigs off some indie rockers outside the Etihad Stadium (dad doesn’t know I smoke – I had no cigs). He must have realised because I was disappearing for 20 minutes at a time.
So I cant even remember getting home and I woke up STILL PISSED.
I mean they must have fully known. Wet hair, no makeup, stank of booze. That was me and that was my first day. I didn’t have a desk. I did’t speak, and I was too tired to concentrate on anything.
As far as first days go, I survived. It wasnt as bad as the England game hangover – that was BAD.
My boss is super nice, my manager seems to like me, the girls and guys are lovely
I think I may have just got away with it