So, England are out of the Euros. And it’s a tradition everyone goes to the same pub where I live. My two friends from home Wilkes & Buzz came with me of course and a 6.30pm we set the night off in style. By doing 10 shots before kick off.
Then it progressed, 15 before half time. At this point I was pretty steaming and it was bright daylight. I’d celebrated the penalty, covered in beer SOAKED to the bone, and had admitted defeat. I nearly cried but I stayed strong (by having more shots).

I ended up on a van tour from 11-1am and returned at 2am. I hadnt really missed much. Wilkes went with her bf and Buzz kissed someone in front of their partner prompting the ‘other guy’ to get a swift punch to the chin. I apparently walked home after anther 5 shots which I cant remember and woke up in the morning probably more pissed than I went out.
My head was banging. And I mean, couldnt open my eyes.
I was sick.
I couldn’t not go in it was like my 2nd week, so i threw clothes on and drove in. I was awful. I couldn’t speak, I was hot, my head hurt. I ‘left my charger in the car’ and ran out to the car park where I was sick all behind my car. Fucks sake.
Back in the office and I was secretly sick again. It was 10.30am and it felt like hours and hours had gone by. I sat silently at my desk praying nobody would even notice. Manager goes “Sharkey are you ok?” and I just lied. I had to, I said I had the worlds worst migraine and needed to get an emergency prescription. And it WORKED.
I was free.
I was off.
I drove home with classical FM on windows down and looking straight ahead.
I parked up got in and threw up horrifically in the toilet. Pretended to all family I had a migraine (to thisday they know no different) and slept for 8 hours.
I’m never going out on a school night again