Ok so this is where the day took a shitty turn.
We headed back buzzing with our day out. We were pissed and looking forward to meeting the girls in JuJu then on to Raffles. So we approached the serviced apartments but wait, nobody was answering the intercom. So I rang again. Nobody. Catarina rang the telephone number. Nobody answered. Some girls who were staying there let us in so we walked to the reception office. LOCKED. Now at this point we weren’t too panicky we assumed she would come back.

1 hour later.
No sign of dick head receptionist, Catarina now on 9% battery and we had rang 38 times. I’d chain smoked my way through 5 cigarettes and was losing hope. A man on a moped watched us for an hour and kept coming over trying to talk to us. He knew we were stranded, it was going dark and it was scary. We rang 3 locksmiths all quoting over £100, and we couldn’t pay that. We rang 111 non emergency police (yes, desperate times) they said ring locksmith. As we were debating setting the fire alarm off, an angel with a suitcase appeared. I cant remember her name but she was Serbian-Cypriot and she was meant to check in but there was no receptionist. She was in contact with the head office but she was on holiday in Geneva, she gave us 2 numbers of receptionists who work there. None answered. Catarina left 4 voicemails and threatening texts which still haven’t been answered. The angel lady got in the Ibis from work an offered us to stay with her if we were stranded, then she left.
We were losing patience. It was dark, and we needed to get into that office. We searched high and low for a key, we took a fire extinguisher and bashed a spare key box off the wall, we roamed around asking people for help. And just when we thought all hope was lost….I opened a cellar door and found a man. And this man, knew the combination. I couldn’t understand a word he said but he was amazing. He let us in the apartment and said he loved German’s and Italian’s (me and Catarina are neither). We rushed to get ready more than you’ve ever seen anything in your life and waited for an uber. After a few whistles and prostitute accusations, it arrived. Only for me to find out halfway there I’d left my ID.
I went back alone to get it, and turned up to JuJu where the promoter let us in VIP and I was sat on a table with some girls drowning my sorrows in Belvedere. So we went to Raffles, and mingled with some celebs. Made some new friends, and headed home at 1am.
Catarina was in a bad way. She was throwing up everywhere, but I was up at 7am to get the train back for a works dinner. I left in the morning still pissed and tubed and trained my life away until i arrived back in my home land to watch a friendly game between our local team with work. It was corporate so all free. I turned up and at this point I had hangover sweats. I was dying, I struggled with the free champagne and got on the pints. So I was pretty tipsy at like 3.30…then I saw my ex. Well, ex fling. He was right in front of me and he knew I was behind him. It was so awkward..like you both know you don’t wanna make eye contact and do the ‘hi, u ok’ chat. Narrowly avoided entering lift with ex.
I was hammered and went to Revs with the work group. The guy I was sat with from Mercedes seemed nice until I realised he was trying to seduce me. I had that much to drink the room was spinning I was defeated. I needed to go home.
Stood outside for a cigarette and who approaches…another ex fling. Both I haven’t seen since Dec/Jan and this was not a good day for anybody to be seeing me right now.
I eventually went home and Monday wasn’t too bad, I wasn’t rough and wasn’t too embarrassing, so an all round winner