So this is my Monday. I’m in work and it’s pretty boring. It’s taken until 11am for me to have a task to do. But meh I’ll write this instead. Next weekend it’s my birthday. A milestone birthday. The key to the door birthday. And we have an extravaganza ready.

So this weekend we decided to chill. Catarina lives in Manchester with 2 other friends called Ginge and Ross. I usually go up there to chill since I’ve moved back home for the summer. I miss Manchester 😦
Saturday I was in work waiting for plans for the day, we had Bem Brasil booked at 4.15 and I had never been so was buzzing at the thought of all you can eat meat. Catarina had told me that she broke her phone
*Actual transcript of message from Catarina*
Got steamig at the street party for work and droped my phone down the portaloo, tried to get it out and got stuck in the toilet then had half the toilet stuck to my arm, then when i did get out i had bright blue bleach all over me all over my nude bodysuit and i was too drunk to know what to do so one of the security guard had to pick me up and carry me through the crowd of like 300 people i work with and into this weird basement to change clothes, so now my phone wont turn on
I turned up with the worst ever replacement phone and it’s not cos I’m a shit mate I just break everything and that was all i had to offer. It did turn on and I saw all pictures and videos from my relationship with my ex..nostalgia hit me hard. She ended up buying a new one.
The lads went out with Posh our other mate who was up from London, and Ginge apparently pulled a 3/10. Rumours that circulated afterwards entailed Ginge allegedly proposing ‘to finish her off in the shower’. Max heard it all.
So I turned up ready for the biggest feed of my life, so we had a quick joint before we left. Turned up to Bem Brasil to realise Catarina had booked Bem Brasil for the previous day. Devvo’d. But we got a table anyway. I was so spacey. i was so so high at Bem Brasil but seriously GO THERE it is a non stop train of meat. (NB had dodgy tummy afterwards..)
So after that we decided to go to northern quarter and have a little chilled drink.
Everybody was dying too much so we just went home and got stoned all weekend
I mean who needs to have a heavy one when it’s your 21st the weekend after?