So the other day work got a new guy. His name is Vape for the purposes of this blog. Because yeah he vapes. Immediately sirens are going off I know but just bear with me on this one.

He came in as a new sales guy. He knows his stuff he’s experienced and by experienced I’m suggesting it in more ways than just sales.
He is like 38 maybe. Smaller than me, skinny, and makes outrageous remarks that only me and the girls have cottoned on to. Manager hasn’t yet she’s always busy and normal work guys are just men they never notice anything.
So weird comments like ‘you used to enjoy sitting on my knee when you were younger’ and ‘show me your tattoo’ among a few. He is married with kids.
But then he actually gets angry when anyone else in the office makes a sale?
I cant put my finger on this guy.
I’m not sure if i like Vape.
I will continue to pretend to like Vape but for now I have my eyes on him