So, you must know about Vape from my previous post called ‘The New Guy’

If you haven’t you’ll need to read it to understand this new blog post.

Well there isn’t that many people that are in the office, so I’m not really that busy today. Just sat in my little office world hiding away. And then I hear outside the door, talking… So I listen, and it’s Vape.

And Vape is like ‘I love them fake me I love them plastic’ now at this point I don’t want to jump the gun hear so I give him the benefit of the doubt… He MIGHT be on about lego, he MIGHT be on about glasses.. And then he said ‘If everybody could afford surgery, they’d have it.’  Now this is not true because I have never had boobs and I dont want big boobs thank you very much Vape. But he went on and on about how he loves it the bigger the better and all of this, and I’m thinking, well shit, does my dad talk about this stuff in work to an office full of women?

Should my radar be going off here or what? Vape is still under my keen watchful eye