I have literally been having the worlds shittiest time at the moment, like just crazy shit. And it’s made me start to think, is it yourself that has the bad luck or is it actually because you think you have bad luck, that you are more prone to it because you expect it?

Ok so, the first thing that really annoyed me was the fact that I saw my ex who is 23, speaking to a 16 year old on twitter. Openly though, but still. I think there must be a bit of a line to draw as a guy who’s 23 being friendly with a 16 year old. She is so pretty though, and he did call her a younger version of me once, but that’s actually beside the point. It’s embarrassing. Will people not look at that and think, well yeah he was seeing Sharkey, that’s embarrassing for her? Urgh. Anyway that is the least of my worries.

So, we’re no just starting to climb on to the bad luck train of my life.I was already pretty sensitive anyway to things that are going on at the minute, and when you’re meant to be having a laugh and relaxing with your friends, you don’t need wave after wave of shit sarcastic banter or sly digs. Well this is what I get every day by my ‘mates’ in my group. It’s not even funny anymore it’s just starting to really get me down and there’s only so much you can actually take before you get upset and take it to heart. So this is what happened. I cried on my bed for about an hour and then it was okay. I explained what was up and then carried on as normal. The sly comments are still going on but hopefully they’ll just give up soon.


So already upset over that I went to the shop at dinner, and reversing out I wasn’t looking and reversed into a parked car. I literally sat there and was like, ‘Should I drive off? I can leave a note? I’ll get out and leave a note’. Anyway I got out the car and there were two men already sat in the car so it was pretty lucky i didn’t drive off. We swapped details and I had to pay him £60. My car was way worse off. Another thing to add to the shit storm.

That night, I felt really ill but there’s this guy, and I kind of like this guy. He invited me over and he’s really nice so that kind of took my mind of the whole hitting my car saga. I went home and driving home, alone on a dark unlit road, some guy held his arm out as though he wanted a lift. I was lika woah what the fuck and slowed a bit to see if he was hurt. As i slowed he CHARGED full run at my car and tried to throw himself on my bonnet. Seriously? Like did he want me to hit him? Did he want me to stop? why was he so desperate was he going to get in my car and attack me? just fucking weird man

The next morning I was quite ill still, but went back to the shop to get milk. When a guy told me a brake light was out at the back of my car. Fucking brilliant. I bought a scratch card to see if my luck would change. Whilst scratching it, I noticed a chip on my windscreen so as i looked closer, a spider ended up in my hair. My luck was still bad. I was driving back into work when i noticed I had 10 free spins on Betfred, these were SHIT and i didn’t win but then i went on 32Red and made £80 off £20. My horoscope said ‘don’t gamble your resources’. Fuck the horoscope

I was excited to get my teeth whitened that night for the weekend, I turned up, but the dentist didn’t. Now seriously where do I get a break? That night I went back to see the guy and I bought a new dress for my birthday. I paid like £140 for next day delivery and everything was fine. Woke up to a text saying its coming next week, so now I’ve had to buy an emergency back up dress which has made me fume!

Picked up a work colleague from a nearby town today, i turned up and she was getting cuddled and touched by a weird guy who ‘liked her dress’. She hopped in my car and then we went back to work. As we got out, some guys in a van on the car park leaned out ‘Hey…I like your car..’ i was like shit theyre going to fucking rob me. So the other two had cans of stella, and shouted ‘Are you two lesbians? Can I join?’ Do I look like a lesbian now? Am I butch? Fucking come on

If there is anything at all that could go wrong this week PLEASE universe just don’t because I am at the end of my rope.

But does expecting bad luck entice more bad luck?