Vape has been at it again today. Weird guy. Still on the subject of fake tits but now he has a new favourite body part, the ass.

So, I hear him again outside the office and he’s discussing fake tits again. ‘Ooooh I love em, I love em me, the bigger the better. Wife’s on her third boob job. Mmmm yeah, I love it’ and I’m like ok so…since when was it OKAY in a workplace to talk about fake tits to people? This ain’t the pub fella, I’m not one of your lads from your sunday league darts team man, i don’t give a fuck. Your wife could be a blow up doll man just stop talking about women’s body parts when you work with 2 girls under 23?

But no he carried on, Vape had a customer in today and he really must have liked her. Lucky her. He was saying he walked down to the pitch and he saw her ‘ass in dem jeans’. Alright T Pain. He said he wanted to get a picture because it was amazing, and he was really checking her out.

Girl from work, lets call her Blondie, responded ‘You’re a creep’. Fucking good on you Blondie. He defo shags away on business. But he’s not even attractive. I’ve been giving him a secret evil eye whilst he has been vaping around in his permanent cloudy haze of sleaziness.

Vapes a fanny