Ok, this has been quite an issue for me for some time now. The thing that pisses me off is when people say ‘I have anxiety’, ‘this is what anxiety looks like’ from a 13 year old girl that retweets a stupid tweet about re counting the change in their pocket before they pay for an item screaming ‘THIS’.

  1. No you don’t have anxiety
  2. I do thing like this all the time
  3. I don’t have anxiety
  4. You are most likely insecure

Real anxiety are things that affect you very heavily mentally that also affects your body, such as agoraphobia, paranoia etc

Everyone’s generalised their symptoms from Google, gone online and self-diagnosed..WHICH of course makes it a bitch for people actually struggling with real anxiety who’s condition is being mocked by society from every Tom, Dick and Harry with a professional hypochondriac mindset. I’m obviously no professional here, but I will speak from experience. Most people who have anxiety or another mental health problem don’t plaster it all over fucking Twitter for re-tweets.I saw an article today from the Daily Mail in which Vlogger ‘Zoella’ stated she couldn’t meet Prince Harry because of her anxiety, but yet she can go and blog to millions of people and to other PA’s? That’s not anxiety, when I go to a job interview or a new building or need to go to an appointment driving in a new city my hands are sweaty, I’m nervous, I babble or stutter a bit, ITS NORMAL. It doesn’t mean I have anxiety and I’m not going to be using it as an excuse for me being nervous – (Zoella, you were too fucking nervous to meet Prince Harry, you don’t have plaguing anxiety)

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Some people might say ‘Well I have social anxiety!’ – No, trying to pull off a new look and being worried about the reception of you peers isn’t anxiety, worrying if people talk about you isn’t anxiety, overthinking a phrase that could have been misinterpreted isn’t anxiety.

Watching someone you love struggle with social anxiety, I know this. They can’t understand what’s acceptable, they don’t know how to control their emotions, they say inappropriate things, they believe they have no friends deep down because they can’t take playful banter and it hurts them, they don’t have a grasp of basic social fluency so they then begin to anticipate it with fear. That’s anxiety.

So, if you’re aged 11-25 I’d say maybe even 30, and you have SELF DIAGNOSED anxiety because you can’t see the difference between being nervous/embarrassed in a situation to blackouts, spasms, heart palpitations, breathlessness, emotional outbursts – just fuck off

Since when did haviung anxiety become cool, am I actually missing something here Buzzfeed?

Buzzfeed ‘News’ article