The so called Calais Jungle has been torn down. Amidst fires, violence, threats and in some cases deaths, why are these ‘migrants seeking safe places to live’ adamant on entering the UK?

For years we have been the laughing stock, we give benefits to every Tom, Dick and Harry, we cover up abuse scandals, we refuse to say what we really feel, and all in the name of being feared called “racist”

If you are interested in politics and you disagree with any left wing, millionaire celebrity crying about the refugee crisis or back up any form of ID checking proposals, you will be called racist

This is a quick draw pistol people use to shut others up. The fact is, you are not racist for believing something different. If these migrants were all white from Romania, or Slovenia and attempting to enter the UK posing as children, would people still call those who oppose racist? Probably not

Would you let your children in a playgroup with some people who are fighting authority, travelling through countries (that are safe) to get specifically to the UK, and posing as children – without knowing their real age? Of course not

So this begs the question, why are the rich and elite telling us to donate, have more compassion and welcome them in with open arms WITHOUT AGE CHECKS

Is it safe to take a man’s word, who looks 26 but claims hes 17, and house him in foster care with other 12/13 year olds with no CRB checks? Absolutely not
So why are we being branded racist for disagreeing with this?

Why are they so adamant on getting into the UK? Why are they mostly middle aged men? Why are we being forced to accept them?

Let’s be frank. They aren’t going to be housed with Benedict Cumberbatch, Bob Geldof, Lily Allen, Gary Linekar and his kids in their multi million pound home, their private schools and playing cricket at their local country club are they? No, they will be here with us. The working class, the backbone, the people who have no say

They will be in our areas with no ID checks, around our kids schools, around our homes with no idea who they are or what age they are

The poor boy in Germany who was raped by a migrant in the swimming baths as his attacker called it a ‘sexual emergency’. Was he seeking solitude and refuge for a better life? I’ll let you decide

Would you welcome these into your home? The bigger picture here is you are welcoming in unknowns – yes some are very much seeking refuge, but the majority aren’t

They aren’t a peaceful bunch. Look at the trouble with the European lorry drivers facing attacks every day

But, alas, you can’t speak out because you are ‘racist’. You can’t want legitimate children in children’s housing because that’s ‘racist to check’

In what other country would it be racist to want to verify ages of thousands of people coming into our country before integrating them with our children?

Tensions will rise, and the people like us aren’t being heard. Dianne Abbott ashamed to be British because we want to keep our kids safe? Lets put them in your kid’s school eh Dianne? With NO checks, if you think it’s all peaches and cream

People are fucking STUPID