It’s taken me about 25 minutes to even get this blog posted started, but we’re here now so I shall tell you all the story about my work on placement year (Hoping to God nobody actually finds this blog otherwise I will be fired rapid)

So I started work and it was all okay, not really sure what to expect as I was the only person doing my job role. It was a nice summer and I had a good few months, but then my manager started being super weird and crying at her desk in front of customers and sobbing..and I was like what the fuck is actually going on here am I in the Twilight Zone?? One time I had to leave the office because I burst out laughing during one of her eps. Anyway she used to fuck up all the time and begged this guy once not to tell my boss she fucked up, but he told her anyway



Long story short – she was sacked, and then it all came out that she is a swinger, enjoyed group sex and filmed it, and was sniffing coke all day in work (explains why she was a bit mental all the time)

So then we got a new guy in again, his name is Goof for the purposes of this blog. So Goof i thought was okay, and then everyone kept getting pissed off with him and I felt a bit tight but I understand why now, he’s just so annoying, sits on my desk and takes over when I’m doing work, looks for women on dating sites even though he’s married to a Thai woman, told one of the guys he fancied his sons bird and wanted to get on her, just comes across a bit strange really – last time he worked there he pretended to faint and left for months

So I have until the end of June left and at the moment I’m pretty much like where the fuck do I work