My love life is shit. Mega shit

Ill begin with the ex moving to the other side of the world…oh but that’s not before he used me for a night before he went when I had norovirus (that is actually one of the worst times I’ve ever been ill as well) So that pissed me off

Anyway, dated this guy who was a boxer, first date after my ex left.

*Ex’s number is deleted I’m feeling fine new year – new me (how cliche) fuck that dick, he’s ming, I’m done etc etc*

So I reconnected with somebody who I knew from 2015, and he’s a boxer so had training late said he would pick me up from my house…at 9pm. So where can you eat that’s open until 11pm? In between frantically showering, make-up, blow drying my hair I was texting my friends and scouring Google for EVERYTHING “restaurants open late near me” and there was one winner….Frankie & Benny’s 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a snob but you know a first date at F&B’s is a bit wasn’t destined for greatness clearly, but the guy didn’t seem to mind. So I was stressing out, I hadn’t been on a date in ages and they all end up in disasters, so I cracked open a nice 2013 Sauvignion Blanc and started swigging out the bottle. It did more than calm my nerves, I think I stopped at half a bottle just before I left. The journey to the restaurant was a blur. There wasn’t really anyone in there either maybe one other I ordered a large glass of wine. Conversation was flowing, I was drinking and laughing, and then I ordered my food which was spaghetti bolognese. Big mistake – to all ladies out there, please don’t attempt to eat spaghetti whilst pissed on a first date because you will end up with it all over your face. The guy didn’t seem to mind he was okay with it, even laughed as i had to partially pull a string of spaghetti out of my mouth :-). So after another large glass of wine (by this point he knew I was wasted) he dropped me off, we kissed, and then he asked to see me again on Friday night. I said yeah okay

The next day I felt rough for work (schoolboy error) and was feeling a bit smitten. Thursday I couldn’t be arsed, this boy was dry. So hard to talk to on text. In person not so bad, but you have to have that banter there don’t you? Only so many times you can say, “What you up to babe xx” “Just at work, how are you?” “Good babe xx” Eurgh

So Friday came and I was sat in work and thinking of a shit excuse to get out of seeing him, so I said some furniture had got delivered. It did actually come the next day so I wasn’t technically lying that much. And then I got home and had some really bad family news…and by that point I got into my room, had a 30 second cry and thought fuck this I ain’t going so told him. He was going mad saying I parred him.. So I went my mates to smoke weed & chill out and clear my head. Turned up and saw my pals had made a bet on the whiteboard “dishwasher bets” 1 Week, 2 1/2 Weeks, 1 1/2 Months… I sent him a picture of this lol and then he deleted me off snapchat because of it. Hey it was funny. I binned it after 4 days.

But who kicks up a fuss if you cancel plans on a night of staying in? Did he want a girlfriend chained to the stove? Like whaaaat it’s the 21st Century people have plans mate things change and shit happens. Maybe it was the way I ate spaghetti??


We didn’t speak for a while after that