So yesterday me and my friend Buzz went to aerobics. This is actually the first bit of exercise I have done in any length of time

So after a cigarette outside we queued up, and started talking about the Great Manchester run, thinking that we could actually do it – before we had even attended one aerobics class

So we picked up our mats and headed off into the gym hall in the dark, I think they purposely leave the lights off so everyone can’t see how much of a twat you look


Started the warm-up a bit too enthusiastically, and thought I could do it, I was thinking to myself, yeah, this is going well, laughing along with Buzz at the back, then the woman changed movements, and that’s when I decided I couldn’t do aerobics. How was I meant to jump on one leg and do all this mad stuff with my arms? I have no rhythm I’m no dancer, but I tried my best


It turned out pretty good actually. I understood how to do all the things by the end and didn’t really stop. The crunches killed me. I want to go twice a week now though and hopefully by summer i will have a 6 pack and love life. While we were doing the most intense part of aerobics, the only thing getting me through was the fact that I was having a joint after it

Got to give yourself a carrot ain’t ya?