So being on placement year is harder and easier than I expected it to be, I know that doesn’t make sense but to other digital marketers it probably will

The fact is when your a one person team in a company you can become so overwhelmed with work and things that you have to do you lose interest in one of your biggest passions

Every few weeks I will run to my boss and give loads of creatives on how to push forward through marketing such as live feeds, stories, posts, blogs, text, email you name it I’ve pushed for it

I have a limited ads budget too which doesn’t help, and the industry that I market for is pretty hard to market because it’s cars and it’s not a large major company

I think there’s so many opportunities to expand and grow the business but I just end up fizzling out of enthusiasm because the things I want to do are so vast and I have to work on trials as we don’t have CRM systems, design software etc, I end up kind of doing things half hearted

I’ve read so many blogs from other marketers and our web designers are charging too much for too little work that isn’t integrating properly with Google such as the https regulations and so on and so forth

I’ve wanted to move website designers for some time now and they are increasingly difficult to work with, not doing what we ask, not getting back to us, ignoring us, simple tasks such as renaming pages etc take an exceptionally long time to do (I last asked for this on the 23rd of Jan and it still hasn’t been done) and I’ve lost my cool too many times about it to care anymore

I think moving to a bigger corporate website designer where we get better deals on advertising and SEO is the way forward

Losing my mind!!