I get weird things happening to me all the time, the people in work say my middle name is Coronation street lol, but today was pretty weird

I was driving my car and approaching the lights turning red when I see this girl waving her arms over the road with a piece of paper, and I thought she was going to cross so I was like go go cross, anyway I pulled up and she come over to my car, and I wound down my window

I said, “what’s up are you okay?” and she said in an accent, “excuse me please I am late for this appointment at the hospital I am lost and cannot find where I am meant to be!” so i said here let me look at the letter, and she showed me and I wasn’t sure where it was so I said look get I’ll pull in after the bridge and we will get it up on maps and I can tell you, but she didn’t understand and got in my car, so I was like hmmm okay, anyway I pulled in and the hospital was down the road so I said look l’ll just drive you there because I’m going that way anyway. The girl was like “OMG thank you thank you I cannot speak good English I am Iranian and I am so lost and late”

I tried to talk to her about the weather but she just didn’t understand a word I was saying really, anyway we pulled up outside the hospital and I went here you go we’re here! And she just started hugging and kissing me saying “Thank you, thank you so much oh my gosh!!”

Fair to say good deed done for the day!