Why is it when you read up on politics and news, not from the MSM sources, but independents, people who were there, facts and figures, you are wrong because you can offer a different viewpoint

Is it right to try and label or dismiss someone as ‘uninformed, uneducated, knowing nothing about the situation’ The problem with today is that the whole of the media tells us the same thing and it sways the whole of the population to think cognitively in a certain why. And why is that? To fuel political agenda. 6 corporations who own 90% of America’s MSM, and 6 companies own 80% of the UK’s MSM, so if you do your own independent research, look at people’s tweets who were there, read things like wiki-leaks and investigate, why are you labelled as wrong?

70% of people read headlines, but don’t read the whole article. And that’s true. Many a time my friends have said things to me that I just think, are you actually believing that? Because I know for a fact they don’t read the whole article. Why stop at the whole article? Why trust one news source, search around, read different viewpoints, investigate and then make up your own mind on how you feel and how you think. Don’t read papers like the S*N, the Daily Mail, the Independent, “Huff Post & Buzz Feed” – (I do believe people actually read these seriously), who are all fuelled by either left or right wing political agendas. Say yes to individual investigation, say yes to seeing other people’s viewpoints to make you have a better rounded view

You don’t walk into an exam room and write one answer down from one page of one textbook and expect to be right, you investigate and research and get facts and figures from different sources, you understand balance and counter arguments and different theories

Don’t let yourself be told citing alternative theories and facts that are different to 80% of what people want you to read makes you a conspiracy theorist, or tin foil hat, or any other term that others say when they are too lazy to understand what happens in the world so dismiss your points. You don’t have to take a stance or a side, in many arguments I don’t, I just reiterate different things an theories that I have read, but more often than not people laugh because it’s an alternative stance on what they read every day from the same place

At the moment I feel all the media is being fuelled by the largely political feud that’s happening in just about every major constituency right now, don’t let those 6 companies and 6 corporations tell you what’s happening, go and find out

If there was a fight on the school yard, and 1,000 people saw it, would you just listen to 6 of them, or would you continue to discuss it with others? Be smart. Be proactive. The media is our window to the world, can you see down the whole street from your bedroom window? Probably not.

Open your eyes to the world, let them live in their bubbles and make the choice to be smart. The first time anyone tells you that you are wrong from recalling another stance on a subject, you already know they aren’t as intelligent as they think they are