So, there’s this guy (L) that I’ve been talking to for about 2 years now. We first met in 2014 when I was actually at an awards ceremony with my now ex boyfriend

Since me and my ex split up we have spoke for ages and ages except we have never met up because we live an hour away from each other (grand scheme of things…not so far)

So I was determined to not let this date go as shit as the last one The shit first (& last) date

I was soooo excited for like two weeks before it because I am confident this one could be the real deal, but nevertheless I went into it cautiously

So before hand I had a joint and then met him outside my friends flat, trying to act not stoned is so hard, I was being a pure spaz for ages so he must think I’m really stupid

Anyway we went for some food and I had a few pints, and bumped into a girl I used to work with a year ago, and as we were chatting she said “Is that your boyfriend?!” so awks

Anyway the date went really well, and L dropped me off back at my friends flat. I had to wait for him to kiss me in the car because he wouldn’t, and I’m not doing it I get too nervous


The only thing is, he hasn’t asked me out again yet even though he said he wants to see me again. I’ve asked twice and he’s said he’s busy both times, but I’m 100% not asking him again, I just hope it doesn’t fizzle out before the next date