So after my other first date with this guy, it did fizzle out. He never saw me again. Never bothered and I really liked I’m by this point so I was slightly gutted if I do say so myself. I actually, in fact, got ‘ghosted’ honestly for about a month after this whole mini relationship fizzled out, which is what I said I exactly hoped didn’t happen.

After all the ghosting he finally popped up, and actually said he was sorry, and explained that he now thought I was the one for him and he wanted to see me again Clearly nothing else is happening in my love life so the only clear option that I had was to just go for it. What did I have to lose (except my dignity at letting him come back)? So I welcomed him back with open arm and tried to organise a date again, this time it only took him about 5 weeks before he could ‘commit’ to a date where he wasn’t busy, even though he only lives about 1 hour away.

It went well but over the past few weeks I started to become a bit more disillusioned with it all, there was no fun, no excitement and in the early stages that’s what you want really and I just wasn’t feeling that.

SO, one Sunday afternoon I had a message from the guy that was in the first and last date which I went on through sheer boredom and a whim, and it turned out to be one of the best Sunday afternoons I have ever spent with anybody. I might sound like I’m gushing, but I really do like this guy. I get butterflies when he messages me and I honestly can’t wait to see him again…

Which leaves me with the dilemma of having to say to this guy, look, you didn’t have time for me and somebody else did. Who would you go for, someone who says they never have time for you, or someone who messages you and says “I’m coming seeing you later”? It’s a no brainer.

I really hope this works out with the other guy though – and I will have to let the other guy down gently without giving too much away