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The shit first (& last) date

My love life is shit. Mega shit Ill begin with the ex moving to the other side of the world...oh but that's not before he used me for a night before he went when I had norovirus (that is actually... Continue Reading →


My work so far

It's taken me about 25 minutes to even get this blog posted started, but we're here now so I shall tell you all the story about my work on placement year (Hoping to God nobody actually finds this blog otherwise... Continue Reading →

Refugees – agree with it or not, this is the reality

The so called Calais Jungle has been torn down. Amidst fires, violence, threats and in some cases deaths, why are these 'migrants seeking safe places to live' adamant on entering the UK? For years we have been the laughing stock,... Continue Reading →

Stop sending me free fucking samples

Well - my mates have now thought it's funny to send me free samples at work First was artificial grass. Imagine grass being sent to your work.. I thought somebody was going to jump me. I'd not grassed on anyone... Continue Reading →

Anxiety – stop self diagnosing

Ok, this has been quite an issue for me for some time now. The thing that pisses me off is when people say 'I have anxiety', 'this is what anxiety looks like' from a 13 year old girl that retweets... Continue Reading →

When you always feel like the bad guy

Is it ok to stand up for yourself when you know you're in the right. Sometimes I feel the opposite, I just apologise and go out my way to reconcile a situation just because I would rather not deal with... Continue Reading →

My Fab Holiday in The U S of A

Here is the story about my little holiday that I had away in the grand old American Sunshine. I went to Florida for two weeks a few days after my birthday and it was alright I suppose. Because I am... Continue Reading →

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